Bringing Garden Art into the Kitchen

I had this idea the other day that I thought I'd try out in my kitchen, and maybe you can give me a few reviews on it.

Totally GAG me!

I was buying everything I could see strolling through my local Hobby Lobby the other day when I came upon these architectural garden fences.  They're about two feet in length and I suddenly had an "Ah HA", moment.

"Wouldn't these be great over the kitchen sink?", I excitedly asked my 14 year old daughter.

Her eyeballs roll.  I mean they really roll!

"Great mom, but where are those stakes suppose to go.... in the ceiling or are you gonna hide them by wrapping burlap around them or something?"

Why do I feel like I'm the only one in the house with vision?

So I bought them, cause I had to because.... they were on SALE!  Half off I say!

I took them down to my work shop and took the Roto-Zip with it's little metal sander and sawed those stakes right off.  When using a Roto-Zip to do this, the key is to do it slowly - and with safety glasses on - or those little disc sanders go flying off everywhere.  It took me about four discs before that finally sunk in.  I'm sure you have something SO much better than I, in your clever tool collection that wouldn't send sanding discs flying into your head from lack of experience!

I hate being a beginner at things sometimes.

After sanding them off and then smoothing the cut edges out (very important here), I turned them upside down, and I had two garden "embellishments" to hang over the windows of my kitchen window.

See, I have a galley-like kitchen with a window over the sink that really shouldn't have curtains on it unless I want the kitchen to look smaller than a shoe box.  It's that small.

After drilling through what felt like 10 inches of brick, I finally got the screws in the wall.

Note to self:  
BUY something that drills 
screws into brick 
and doesn't leave me 
with a dislocated shoulder 
in the process of doing so.

So now I have a little inexpensive French-y garden art over my kitchen windows.  Total cost... $15.00!

BTW, do NOT pay attention to the wall paper.  It creeps me out every time I cook in there.  We currently live in a rental and though I am pining for wainscoting-style walls, I am not dishing out the dough to do it on a rental.

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