The Making of a French Wine Barrel Lid

Even though I have about a ba-zillion projects on my to-do list, I literally found myself "bored" the other day as to what to do.

"Oh Please!"

We artist/crafters/junkers know we have no boring days, but I did, I swear!

So there is this Lazy Susan I had that the revolving bottom fell off some time a million years ago.  I decided to do some experimenting with it and thought it actually came out a lot cooler than the plain thing I had originally bought.

It's a round, butcher block design and that's about all I can say about it's "uniqueness".  It was as boring as I felt that day!  I cleaned it up and sanded any surface finish it had on it.  I needed a naked, bland surface to work with, and frankly, it wasn't all that hard with this thing.

I pulled out some MinWax stain.  I didn't want a dark or a light one, but one that looked like the aged darkness of an old French oak wine barrel. 

Remember folks:  
when drinking during your projects, 
please remember to NOT make your drinking cups identical 
to the cup your using to mix a little water with your stain.  
It's not good... trust me on this.


I applied the stain and some areas were purposely done a little heavier.

Next I took an image and printed it on some nice transfer paper.  

After a little light sanding here and there to further distress the piece, I put on a couple of coats of varnish to protect it.

I now had a "Lazy Susan" that had been turned into a piece that look like it came from the top of an old French wine barrel.  In fact, everyone in the house thought I had bought an old wine barrel lid!

I like those days when I'm bored!

Vintage Resurrections
- est, 2011 -


  1. this ia so cool....imaging doing the seat of a chair the sameway.....very cool


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