French Inspired Piano Bench

So my big news of the week is that I'm finally getting a retail space to sell my "stuff" in.  I've got it stashed all over the house and we're busting at the seams here!  You can find me and my wares over at Angel's Antiques in Opelika, Alabama.  For those of you who may be thinking that's a place just west of Mars; it's actually located right next to Auburn, Alabama. There are days it does resemble Mars though, so you're not too far off there!

Holy Cow!  Is there a reason all the kids thought it was a good time to play the accordian, guitar, and YouTube at the same time I'm trying to write this?!  It suddenly got incredibly loud in my house and a few of my brain cells were fried in the process.

Ahhhh..... getting old.


I'm painting and creating up a frenzy to get ready to move my furniture in on Monday.  I'm literally living in my work shed and it was 90 bloody degrees in there today.

I'll be buying an air conditioner for that building with my first check!

This is what I finished up today that will be on sale at Angel's Antiques.  I found the bench spray painted in white primer (Zzzzzzzzzz).  It definitely need a makeover.

My fav on it is the music sheet on the inside.  Ya'll let me know what you think:

After fixing one of the legs that was a bit wobbly, they all got two coats of Annie Sloan's "Coco" Chalk Paint.

Next I waxed and stained them with Annie Sloan's clear and dark waxes.  I just love the ease of that stuff!

I made a cushion for the top instead of a traditional hard top piano bench.  Added some birds (it IS Spring afterall!), and a few other decorative touches.

The entire bench was painted in two coats of A.S., "Old White".  I found some really cool music "tissue paper" that I lined the inside with.  I just used adhesive spray to glue it down, then cut the edges with an exacto knife.

I painted some wooden embellishments in the same Coco Chalk Paint, glued them down, then wax and stained the rest of the bench.  Yes, I stained the music sheet as well - just a  hint though.

Attached the lid back to the bench and......


You can find her on aisle D-8 in my "shop".

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