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My oldest daughter just turned me onto a really cool design site known as Polyvore.  If any of you are into paper arts or scrapbooking, you may be familiar with Somerset Studio Magazine and their sister magazine Digital Studio Magazine.  It was in the latest copy of Digital Studio that I found an article on Polyvore.  After mentioning it to my daughter, she screamed pleasantly reminded me that she told me about the site MONTHS ago.

I guess now was a good time to check it out.

Well, I opened an account today and became completely lost in the design process.  See, I am currently working on a design for a vintage mirror.  That's all I can tell you about it without spoiling the surprise.  This my first image I worked on which I entitled "French Thoughts".

As you can see, there are elements of Tim Holtz in there which I think is a MUST if you work with anything vintage and/or antique.  He has developed so much to work with.  If you join, you can find me under Vintage Resurrections there.

BTW, I haven't died, or gone on a long vacation.  I've been incredibly engrossed in making stuff as fast as I can for my booth at Angel's Antiques.  I've got a lot to show you as soon as I get caught up.

Here is a piece I am currently working on that was in complete shambles when I got hold of her.  It took two layers of paint remover to get all the gunk out of the carvings, but it was SO well worth it.  I'll be working on the cushion this week, and my daughter and I are making handmade rosettes to use instead of braiding at the bottom.

See you all soon!

Vintage Resurrections


  1. O I want to t see the chair done....I have to ask do you ever put any of your stuff on Link parties...because this has to be wow....


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