Steampunk Vagabond Luggage

Found a set of faux vintage luggage the other day when I was making arrangements to set up shop in Angel's Antiques - where my stuff will be located from now on.  They were a steal and I just HAD to buy them not knowing what I was gonna do with them.

Keep them.... Sell them..... Keep them..... Sell them

Decisions, decisions!

The luggage had this old, worn burgundy color to it and the buckles were lacking character, to say the least.  They kind of reminded me of shoe boxes instead of luggage.

So I ran a few thoughts through my head and headed for my A.S. Chalk paint.  I put couple of coats of Graphite and Old White, then a couple of coats of semi-gloss varnish to make it look like old leather.  The straps were wax and stained.  I left the brass corner pieces alone as they were just fine as they were.

Next I added some clock faces, cogs, and gears to give it that Steampunked look.  I can almost see them being used by a passenger on one of those steam-powered trains of long ago.

I was thoroughly please with the outcome on these.

As usual, it has started another fight in my house as to who gets these.  But they'll be in the shop tomorrow morning up for sale.

Hope to see you there!

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