French Script End Table

The hubs was kind enough, one day, to stop by a little yard sale on his way home.  It was kind of late in the day and the lady was itching to rid herself of what she had left, so he ended up picking up a little wooden end table and about 20 picture frames for a whopping five dollars!

Whoo Hoo!!

I wanted to do something simple on the end table since I was spending SO much time on the Victorian Rocker.  Plus, I'm still on my dry brushing craze and still wanted to continue this technique.

I used ASCP in Old White, Paris Grey, and Provence.  A simple one coat of the grey and Provence, and a dry brushing with the Old White on the edges and around the table legs.  Notice that I highlighted the grove on the top in Old White as well; but not too much.

Next came searching for the right saying to put on top.  After searching quite a bit, I decided on using the Bible verse, 1 Corinthians 13:13 translated in French:

"Three things will last forever
--faith, hope, and love--
and the greatest of these is love."


"Trois choses vont durer éternellement
 ~ la foi, l'espérance et l'amour ~ 
et le plus grand d'entre eux est l'amour."

I took a couple sheets of graphite tracing paper, and after printing the verse out, I took to transferring it to the table.  This is what it looked like before I painted it:

I originally was going to hand paint the letters in Old White, but the paint proved to be a bit "thick".  Therefore, I was ending up with a slight mess.  I turned around and purchased a Sharpee Paint Marker.  The extra fine point on these made it simple to paint the transfer image.

I had a few extra embellishments that I also painted in Old White and Gorilla Glued to the front of the table.  I liked the touch that it added to the piece.

After waxing and a light distressing I had a really cute end table:

This is also available now at Angel's Antiques!

Passez tous une excellente journée!

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