A Few "Roadside Pickup" Transitions

Don't you love a good find on the side of the road?!  I'm itching for a ticket because I do so many U-turns for these things.  My latest was a pair of corbels on the side of the road on my way to Columbus, GA Monday.  My only question is "Why do people throw out the most usable things?"

"Because the Universe secretly knows who they actually belong too!!"

People Like Us!

So these corbels were a yucky 1970's gold laquer colored.  Instead of ridding myself of the gold, I decided to let it peek through just a bit after dry brushing it with ASCP in Old White.  A little clear wax and then spot waxing with dark, and they look like I had just pulled them off some old building somewhere in France.

Ohh La LA!!

I'm fond of oopsies like this one!

Next is a French Farmhouse door I did and sold recently at Angel's Antiques.  An old white door with the screens still perfectly attached.  I first put a coat of ASCP in Versailles and then a coat of Chateau Grey.  The sanding nearly killed me on this one in order to distress it the way I had in my head.

"Damn OCD of mine!"

We're talking long, methodical sweeps with 2 different sanding blocks (fine and medium), and a steel wool sanding pad to boot!

Since there wasn't a handle to begin with on this door, I found a nice replica of an antique Victorian-era style that also matched the Chateau Grey color.  My youngest daughter who is seven, is actually the one who found these at Hobby Lobby and begged me to use them in "some" upcoming project of mine.  Well, this was the project and she was right on about this one!

I just glued it on with some Gorilla Glue then painted the tops of my screws and secured the backsplash plate to the door.

It went perfect with already rusty hinge on the door :)

And this was my little white door - turned French Farmhouse Door!

When things settle down around here, I'll be showing you the desk and hutch that I finished **almost** for my girls room.  We are gearing up for school and some last minute trips with the kids before they start.  Between the heat and that, it's virtual chaos around here!  I can't tell you how glad I am that we bought their school supplies a month ago. 

 Yeah, I was real happy that the bank loaned 
us the money to get all four of our kids their 
"must have" school supplies again this year!

Whoo Hoo!  Can't wait till Christmas!

Somewhere in all of this I managed another awesome estate sale in my neighborhood.  I have a nifty white wicker patio set that I scarfed up for $50 this time.  This one I'm keeping and it's about that time I take stroll and take Le peu que nous on that wicker sofa.  It's totally been a long day!

Jusque là......

Vintage Resurrections


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