MORE awesome freebie finds..... and Cake!

So it's been a rather interesting week in the land of V.R.  School is getting ready to start, and thus having four children, I'm trying to get them clothed and outfitted with gear without dancing near the treacherous waters of bankruptcy.

The "freebie" gods were listening!

I wish they would pimp my ride into something like this when I go pickin though!


I showed you the corbels that I found on the side of the road for free; they already sold soon after putting them in the booth at Angel's.  Well, soon after, I was on my way to Angel's to drop off the corbels I had just finished and found this sitting on the side of the road.

A perfect chest of drawers!

I double-checked to make sure they were all wood and loaded them up in the back of the truck - by myself - sans husband - and yes, it CAN be done!  I'm an old lady, but I can still do these things!

I was smiling all the way to the antique store and back!

I found the perfect image to put on the drawers, but I had to order a overhead projector first.  Found out I didn't have one of them-there gadgets in my bag of repertoires.  I checked Office Max & Depot and was ready to shell out $300 George Washington's for one of those things, so I head to ebay and found mine - barely used - for....... $25.00.


So I'll be starting on this project when the projector gets here.  Meanwhile, I've got my oldest daughter painting in ASCP "Coco".  I'm finishing up on this while she does:

It's a former cane-back chair that I picked up for $10 that I'm converting to a Union Jack chair.  And because of this cool piece I've been working on, that and the Olympics going on, I can't get the stinking song "God Save The Queen" tune out of my head.... and the words to the song have been coming out mixed with "My Country Tis of Thee" and it's really screwing me up, so it's sounding a bit like this:

"My Country Tis of Thee
Sweet Land of Liberty
God Save The Queen"

I think I've messed my 7 year old up when it comes to singing this at school this year.


The chair would have been finished yesterday except for:

A:  Helping my oldest daughter make her "Marcelene the Vampire Queen" costume for Awa-Con coming up in September in Atlanta.

B: A stinking migraine/sinus headache that just had to show up at THE most inconvenient time.  I ran out of Treximet and ended up suffering through most of the day: 

Today would be the day that I would finish it except today is the day I promised two out of four kids that I would take them clothes shopping.

There's always tomorrow........

Okay, let's cheer things up a bit more here.  Sunday, the hubs went to the store to grab milk - which we always run out of around here - and he and my son brought back this HUGE treasure!

**Notice my 7 year old already trying to make a playhouse out of it there on the left!**

I cannot believe someone was SO **insert derogatory comment here** to throw this beauty out!!

And BIG KUDOS to the hubs for having an eye for this before his morning Joe!!

But then my interrogation had to start:

1- WHERE did you find it?

2- Are you SURE they were throwing it out and not just  preparing to move somewhere 
(my big fear here because nothing 
like being brought out on Craigslist 
in your community as the IDIOT 
who stole furniture of someone's 
front lawn!)
3- Are you freaking sure it was meant to be thrown out!

The hubs let me know that he had it in the car in under 1 minute flat, so I guess there was no one close by he could ask in such a short period of time.  Ya think he was in a hurry to get into the truck?!

I haven't done anything to the piece yet.  It sits - like that - in my living room at the moment.  And the hubs ain't giving it up because HE found it, and HE thinks its' worth a million bucks because he did, and it's not leaving the house.  We moved my other ottoman to the girls room so we could make room for this one.  

I SO need a bigger house!

So, all I have to is tighten down a few screws, put some dark wax over the silver, and change the upholstery to something French (the hubs requested it - I think he has a "gay gene", LOL!!!), and then she'll be done.

Now, while I figure out how to organize this (and a few other projects going at present - I'm so ADHD!), I'll leave you with a few goodies I found on the net this week.

This glorious picture comes to you from Victoria's Kitchen out of London and Norfolk (yep, overseas folks!).  I saw these cupcakes on Facebook and just loved them.  Only problem.... we gotta figure out how to get her to ship these over here!!

Victoria's Kitchen - Facebook Page

Next, Marie Antoinette wouldn't have said (though she really didn't) ""Let Them Eat Cake!", if she had seen this beauty:

Arti Cake - Facebook Page

Yeah, just stare at it awhile - that's what we did.

Again, another great creation brought to you by someone.....  in the UK!.  This one is by Arti Cakes and you'll more just like these on their website!

Time to go get ready for a day of kids clothes shopping folks!  "Where's the chocolate I need for this adventure?!"

I leave you with cake and the intense desire to go hunt something down on the side of the road today!

God, I hope none of you are on a diet or have a broken foot or something!

Bon Appetit!
Bonne chasse!!

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