Gold Leaf Vintage Wood Tray

I learned today that gold leafing is a very religious experience.  I swear I said "Help me Jesus", more times than I care to admit.  There were several prayers as well to hold onto my patience and give me strength to get through the process.

God just has that way though of making you work through a process until you get the hang of it!  This was no different.  He wasn't gonna let me give up and I wasn't going to have a half-finished tray on my hand.

So I persevered.

I also remembered to take a "before" shot this time, LOL!

I picked up a couple of these trays the other day at a thrift store ...... reeeeeally cheap!  The other one is just a little bit smaller than this one and they are both just gorgeous with all their intricate carvings.  With the holidays approaching, I couldn't help but wonder WHY someone would part ways with it.


So I put just one coat of ASCP in Chateau Grey in order to create a base coat for the gold leafing I was going to put on the corners and the handles.

I almost didn't do anything to it after this.  She was looking good already!

So today, I embarked on a journey that has my work room literally looking like a pixie sprinkled golden fairy dust all OVER the freaking place.

I never said I was neat when I worked.


I used a product called "Mona Lisa" Metal Leaf Starter Kit.  It comes with the gold leafing sheets (6 of them), a base coat (which I didn't need now), adhesive size, sealer, and an antiquing glaze (ok, I'll go ahead and try that).

After pouring over "How To" videos last night, I was sure I was ready this morning.  Geez, how hard could brushing some adhesive on and laying leafing down?

Remember the part about gold leafing being thinner than the thinnest tissue paper around.  They're not kidding.  Working with this stuff is literally like manipulating air to go exactly where you want it to, only your using a brush to do it.

I finally got the hang of it though after my 3rd corner.  I was glad to know that any parts that were not filled, I could simply apply adhesive, wait another 30 minutes, and reapply more gold leaf.

I did mention that this literally took me all day to do four corners and two handles didn't I?

I got on a role and then.... it just had to happen..... I knocked the stinking adhesive - every last drop of it - all over the towel I had on the table.

Hobby Lobby here I come.
Gave me a good reason to go to Starbucks though!

Once back home again, the process of applying adhesive and manipulating air.... uh, er, I mean gold leafing started again.  BTW, my back is completely killing me as well right now because I had to do this - all day long - standing up and over my piece in order to get into all the carvings.

Apply Adhesive - don't spill it this time!

Apply Gold Leafing

Once the corners and handles were done, I just applied the sealer and let it sit for an hour this time.  Only because I wanted to be sure it was completely dry.  God was tired of me making so many mistakes at this point!

Once the sealer had dried, I applied the antiquing glaze using the brush and wipe method so most of the glaze would end up in the crevices.

See the difference!

Now I have this gorgeous tray that I may sell, keep, or possible give away.  Not sure yet.  But here she is in all her soon-do-be-Holiday glory!

Monday, I'll be covering my work room in silver pixie dust working on the smaller tray.  At least I bought an extra bottle of adhesive.....  just in case.

Vintage Resurrections
est. 2011


  1. We have very similar taste! So hard to find blogs that show Steampunk. I'm your newest follower!
    Ps. Thank you for the nice comment re: my pie safe!

    1. My son and I are planning on diving head first into some Steampunk projects after the holidays. I LOVE your pie safe, and it inspired me to "stop playing it safe" with some of my stuff. I'm letting caution fly to the wind and just let inspiration be my guide.


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