Armoire Doors and Chandeliers!

I've been working on several projects.... at once, all while  making everything she's freaking wearing preparing my oldest daughter for Awa-Con coming up this weekend.  I do not E-ver want to make "Marceline - The Vampire Queen's" blade guitar again.  I went through two types of styrofoam before getting one that didn't  leave the entire house looking like a blizzard had blown through.  It not only had to be carved, but sanded as well.

Ever tried sanding styrofoam.  Don't!  Trust me.

So what I've managed to get done since the Gold Leaf Vintage Wood Tray I'll show you now since they're done.  I still have a set of drawers and a coffee table that will hopefully be done this week.  All will be up for sale at Angel's Antiques as well.

I picked up a couple of old armoire doors   and thought I try my hand at some drastic "New Orleans" style distressing.  I think these came off an an antique "Man Closet" if I'm correct.

I was pretty heavy handed on the dark wax, as you can tell from the pic below.  There's a coat of ASCP in Chateau Grey and then another coat of Florence on top of that.  Metallic silver went into the grooves and on the embellishments.  I'm thinking of painting a little key in red just for the heck of it!

Next, I found this brass chandelier for $10 at a local thrift store and thought I'd try my hand at electrocuting fixing it up.  

Note:  Make sure you check all the lights though before you start your project.  
Some socket wires may need to be replaced and that takes removing the arm itself. 

I was lucky that I only had to replace on of the chandelier sockets ($1.50 on  I did change out the original wiring with a 12' wire ($12 at Lowe's).    All it took was unscrewing all the pieces and pushing and pulling it through, then rewiring it back.  Thank GOD I took pics before or I would have totally forgotten which piece went where, LOL.

After priming - which you MUST do or the paint will NOT adhere to the brass - I painted it with a couple coats of ASCP in French Linen.  Love that color!

I also primed and painted the candle holders and then added some renaissance gold gilding wax to the candle "drips" at the top of each.  

All that was left was waxing and staining.  I did each piece individually so I could capture the look of dust and dirt in various locations throughout the piece.  There is no conformity in old pieces!

After making a cord cover out of some leftover muslin I had, then install the new lights ($6.00 at Lowe's), and hanging some 2 inch crystals ($5.00 at Lowe's), she looked and worked like a charm!

The total for making her..... $35.00!

That's the gilding wax.

I love it and I'm SO happy I didn't blow out the power fixing her up!

I now have to go back to my set of drawers and coffee table.  I was waiting for the molding to set on the coffee table that I added to the top to give it a "tray" look.

Till Then..........

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