Vintage Dough Bin in RED!

Not sure if you're the same or not, but I am SO bad at taking before AND after pictures.  I get so busy with what I need to do: the kids, the housework, and the painting, that I totally forget about those all-important before pics.  I swear I promise to get better at it though.

I picked up this vintage dough bin - though I think it might be more in the antique range since the screws are old flatheads and not a phillips screw to be found on the thing!
 That can be debated later.  I got it at a private estate sell a few weeks ago and knew immediately it needed to be red.  Kind of a colonial look meets industrial kind of thing happening here.  It was originally a bland-looking color of wood that was screaming "Do me over NOW!"

"Okay, I can accomodate."

It's a 3-piece dough bin:  a lid, the dough bin, and the stand.

I only used one coats of ASCP in Empire Red and wiped it after painting a section.  I wanted the grain to show through as I was going to enhance the grain with a little stain.  The graphite color on the leg stand was pretty much done the same way.

I then when to my FAV graphics girl over at Graphics Fairy and picked out this image to transfer on the front of the dough bin:

I wanted the word "Tin" to stand in just that.... a tin metal color.  I tried metal leafing and that nearly turned into a mess!  Don't ever try that stuff in tiny, tiny places.  You'll end up having it everywhere but where you want it to be in the process.  But then again, I am a little inexperienced in the art of metal leafing.  But I'm learning!!  Instead, I used a metal leafing paint pen and it worked just as good.  Looks just like metal on the words.

I so happy!

A little waxing, light distressing (I emphasize light), and a little ASCP dark stain here and there and he's ready for my spot at Angel's Antiques.

Kind of makes me wanna go learn how to make homemade bread dough.  Well......  I'll teach myself that after I finish painting the furniture that is waiting in line in my house, my work shed, and my greenhouse-turned-storage unit.

I think I need to hire someone.  

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