French Script Dresser

Well, I made through three birthdays this past week - two of them belonging to my now 15 year old twins.  You know what they both requested as a "present"?

Their drivers license manual.

I have now realized when one actually gets grey hairs.  I will have double the amount after finishing the next year training both (one boy and one girl), how to maneuver around and within the ever increasing amount of crazy people on the road these days.  Maybe this is a GOOD time to move to the country in the middle of nowhere so that their only competition on the road is an occasional cow trotting by!

It's a thought.
In the meantime, I'm stocking up on massive amounts of dark chocolate!


I found this piece on the side of the road one day.  Apparently it use to be part of a nursery cause the inside of the drawers were slathered in baby contact paper.

At least it was easy to remove and not much had to be done to it other than little wood filler here and there.

There was one drawer where I had to make and put in runners that were missing.  Other than that, it was solid wood heaven!

Two coats of ASCP in French Linen were applied while I awaited the arrival of my overhead projector (which I am going to need for some of the drawing of the letters), that I purchased on eBay for about $25.

I did screw up on one thing.  I forgot that I had to putty over the old drawer pull holes for the new pulls. Luckily it was just a matter of carefully applying it in the holes without covering me and drawers with the stuff.  Afterwards, I just carefully sanded it without scarring too much of the area around them and painted over it.... problem solved!  Can't tell a thing.

Now, my projector comes in and I'm off to Office Max to pick up the overhead projector sheets.  I nearly fell over dead on the floor when I saw the price tag:  $64.99 for a SMALL stinking box of sheets!!!  I don't THINK so!  

I am so in shock that I just started driving around and ended up at the Habitat For Humanity's "Re-Store".  I came home with this instead:

IT was only $35!

Once home, I began my search for some reasonably priced overhead projector sheets.  Took me all but about 5 minutes to find a box on eBay for a mere $8.99.

Screw you Office Max!

Now my projector sheets come in and I print off my image and get everything set up to paint.  Then the stinking bulb in my projector dies.

Ok, it's only a bulb.  How hard is that to replace.  Well according to both Office Max AND Office Depot - it's YOURS for a arm and a leg sale price of ONLY $45 stinking, freaking, &%*^$#&%% dollars.


This time it took about eight minutes to find it on for only $5.99.

I guess you know how I feel about Office Max and Office Depot now?  And how I'm not on Prozac after moments like these I will never know!

The bulb comes in a few more days later and now I'm set up and ready to go with my project.  It takes a little while to get it aligned and focused accurately.  Once that's done, "Mama is ready to rock!"

Did I just really say that?

Once drawn, I began the process of painting in those areas with ASCP in Old White.

The whole process of drawing and painting too me about four hours.  This was my first time ever drawing on furniture (minus my pre-school days), so I did go rather slow.

And I like the way she turned out!

Oh, and you just have to hear the story about the knobs.  I picked them out only to get home to find one missing.  I knew I had it because I obsessively counted them before I left the store.  You know, that whole OCD thing I have.  I searched everywhere for almost a week - even the car.  The hubs shows up and finds it in the floorboard of the car after 2 minutes of looking.

So I get all the knobs on only to discover that me and my OCD "greatness" forgot that their are actually 10 pulls needed and not the eight that I "counted".

Back to the store I went. 

It all ended up fine in the long run.  Just took way longer than I anticipated and now I have to restock my chocolate supplies because of it.

Bonne nuit tout!

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  1. Oh I just loved this post and your journey to create this awesome chest of drawers. Love it and how awesome it turned out. I hand paint furniture too and I know how time consuming it can be and when you have mishaps go on, make it frustrating. But, it turned out gorgeous and you and your creative talents did an amazing job.
    Thank you for sharing.

    Have a great rest of the week.
    Happy Creating.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  2. Bless your efforts and yes I wanted to something like this but had stuff come up, Live just does not work on our wish list does it...


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