White and Silver Christmas Mantel 2012

Our Christmas mantel this year had to be simple.  My oldest was driving me nuts on a daily basis, thinking I was going to color-code everything in rustic French!  So all I focused on was the mantel and let the kids and my husband worry about the rest of the decorations.  

This is why I'm only showing you this part of my house, lol!

I was sure I wanted to use white feathers this year for a wreath, the rest just came along.  I used 3 "strands" of white feather boa's over a white laced wrapped styrofoam wreath.  I had to wrap the foam wreath because all Hobby Lobby has was a green one and I didn't want the green to show through.  I attached the boa's with push pins used in flower decorating.

As I was waiting the boa's to arrive my UPS (Hobby Lobby had crappy looking boa's!), I bought a circular mirror that was the same size as the interior portion of the wreath.  I used my Silhouette Cameo to make a stencil.  I painted the letters in with ASCP in Old White and immediately sprinkled glitter over the wet paint.

When the feathers arrived (yesterday!), I wrapped them around the styrofoam wreath and secured them with the push pins.  I then fit the mirror in the center of the wreath and took the same push pins and put them in the inside sides of the wreath to hold the mirror in place.  You do this on both the front and back of the mirror so it won't fall out either way.  It was a good snug fit, but the push pins asure that it won't fall out.

The stockings were made a few days ago using a retro stocking template from Simply Notable.  Each of my kids got a personalized stocking and each stocking had individualized linings as well.  I used an old linen tablecloth that I picked up at an estate sale for $5.00.  Ruffled "flowers" were made for each (though I had to make my son's a little more masculine in that department, lol!), and a personalized charm from the "Fairy Tale" jewelry line from Hobby Lobby was added to each ruffle.

Each stocking was finished off with a wooden letter for their initial.  Again, painted, glittered, and another embellishment was added for a final touch.





The French-inspired, silver leafed ornaments in the glass vase were done a short time ago.  I added some candles and some decorations from last year.  All that was left was to arrange it all on the fireplace mantel and hope for the best!  

I hope you like it.

Merry Christmas Everybody!


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