Friday, March 29, 2013

Rustic French Buffet

Just finished a piece for a client.  She liked the Rustic End Chest piece I did, so I pretty much did the same on this as I did on that.

I liked doing this piece better for all the *imperfections* throughout the buffet.  Lots of dings, knicks, and "trenches" in the wood to work with.  

I was giddy with excitement!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Blue Cottage Coffee Table

This is the coffee table that kinda of started my career going.  I had admired it from afar for some time and finally grabbed along with a couple of semi-matching end tables and a round side table.  I got them for free, but I had to trade my vintage tri-fold mirrored vanity for them.

Yes, I AM wishing I had that vanity back thank-you-very-much!

I don't really regret it much though because it help give me a nudge in the direction I'm going now.  Because of this coffee table, I started researching and learning on my  own how to do what I do now.  Each piece is new learning experience.  I was now ready to change the piece that moved me in the right direction.

Victorian Nursing Rocker with Stool

This is a Victorian nursing rocker that was given to me by a friend of ours.  She was out on her walk one day when she came upon it laying out for the trash.  The front edge of the seat was completely off and laying to the side.  It was damaged at the seams with gaping holes where the old screws were attached and barely hanging on.

Nothing that a little Quikwood couldn't handle!

Monday, March 18, 2013

"Bird In A Tree" Drawers

Ok, I just finished the biggest stinking headache challenge in my budding career.  A set of drawers that my son and I picked up on the side of the road one day on his way to school.  When I got them home, I realized that a lot of it was made of MDF *wood*.  My first instinct was to put them back on OUR front lawn, but NoooOOOOoooo!  I like a good oversized migraine *challenge*, so I kept em.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Rustic End Chest

Here's a simple piece I just did recently for a client.  It's a Lane End Chest and she wanted it to go with an industrial vintage coffee table she recently purchased from Pottery Barn.