Blue Cottage Coffee Table

This is the coffee table that kinda of started my career going.  I had admired it from afar for some time and finally grabbed along with a couple of semi-matching end tables and a round side table.  I got them for free, but I had to trade my vintage tri-fold mirrored vanity for them.

Yes, I AM wishing I had that vanity back thank-you-very-much!

I don't really regret it much though because it help give me a nudge in the direction I'm going now.  Because of this coffee table, I started researching and learning on my  own how to do what I do now.  Each piece is new learning experience.  I was now ready to change the piece that moved me in the right direction.

It was already distressed even though living in this household for the past 2+ years had added a few distressing here and there.  Think of it as well loved, lol!

When I first started painting, I literally had my daughters doing some serious protesting.  Frankly, they were down right mad that I was painting such a *sacred* piece.  "Trust me" fell on completely deaf ears.

I started by painting the bottom of the table in ASCP Greek Blue.  I was inspired by the new Spring season and wanted to go with something *light*.  

I did with nervous hands though..... 
and three ticked daughters looking over my shoulders.

Tazo didn't mind  all the fuss!  He was just waiting for that moment which he could sneak get permission to chew on some wood!


Yeah, don't let them innocent eyes fool ya.  He wasn't named Taz for nothing!

Once painted on the bottom part, I painted the top in Old White then laid the Frog Tape down for stripes on the top.  

Can ya tell I wasn't thinking about grain sacks this morning!?

More Greek Blue Paint....

No more bare table top!

I also took more Old White and accented the grooves around the table as well as the seashell embellishment on the front.

Waxed, sanded (exposing just a hint of white paint underneath), and she's done!

At this time, I am not sure if I am going to keep her or sell her.  It will be a hard decision.

Now, back to my clients buffet!

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  1. Love this color -- in fact, am getting ready to get a sample pot of Greek Blue to use on a chair. (Came over from MMS -- the blue caught my eye).

  2. I'm loving this redo. Love the color and the stripes on top. Thanks so much for sharing on Transformed Tuesday.
    Peggy~PJH Designs

  3. Very cute! Love the stripes, thank you so much for sharing! -K


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