Nifty Storage Containers

I wanted to share something with you this time that's a little off topic, but well worth sharing.  I just got ahold of these great little storage containers called Popsome Containers.

Most of us think of storage containers as something we always store food stuffs in.  I found another great use for these because of the lids. The lids are where it's happening in these.

If you are like me and have screws, knobs, hardware, thread, bobbins, pins, etc., etc., etc., laying around while you do your work and you're looking to get more organized - then these are for you.

Not only have I started storing these wares in these containers, I've also started using them to store paint.  The lids on these containers make it easy to pop them open and pour what you need out without always having to undo the lid and put it back on.

You know when you open that lid and you only want a few items, but a whole darn mess load comes falling out.  These lids allow for just a few things to fall into your hands instead of the whole stock load!  There were also great with paint because of the air tight seal when you pop the top back down. The spout allows for minimal mess when pouring your paint when just a little is needed.  They also store well on that French drying rack you have hanging around because of the hallow tube running through the middle.

Now, if you need/want these for food storage - even better.  I literally put a bunch of my rosemary stems in these and "forgot" about them.  Four weeks later they still looked like this:

Still fresh and ready to use!

The container itself is sturdy enough to be dropped from one of my kids onto the kitchen floor and not crack.  It didn't spill the contents of left over soup either because the lids are so good.

Can I say enough about the lids on these things!?

I plan on buying much more of these since they are so versatile to use.  My youngest daughter was amazed at how long her flowers picked from the backyard lasted in one of these.  She ended up stealing the small container because of it.  From the kitchen to the workshop - the Popsome Containers are on my list of items to stock up on for organizing.

Here's a link to Amazon if your interested in getting a set of your own:

P.S. - No I was not paid to do this - I simply had to share this amazing product!


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