I've been asking my oldest to please let me redo her dresser for about 2 years now.   While having a fit over something (???), she took a day not too long, when I was just about to slide myself into a coma of a nap, to literally throw most of her furniture out into the hallway and scream, "Will you puh-LEASE paint this thing!".

Yes I did jump out of bed, thank you very much!

Her dresser has seen many days of hair fixations, and fix-ups, and endless moments of make overs.  All which have resulted in a completely crappy piece of furniture - complete with hair dye that took more than 5 coats of Kilz to cover over!

Here's what I started with:

See that nasty red stain?
I had nightmares over that thing!

Luckily the little resin star embellishments were easy enough to take off with a hammer and small chisel.  These may go on Etsy.  Any takers?

So after a few coats of white and all that kilz on the red dye stain....

And a few stripes, several coats of various types of metallic color and patina, and nice, light, allover stain....

This is what she got.....

With all these added little details thrown in as well.....

Had to add some red for a *pop* of color, and some vintage valves for drawer pulls!

Blue pulls added an awesome contrast to this!

The  most important part is that she loves it, and that girl is NOT easy to please!

I snuck in and took a picture of her with it.  Don't tell her though - it'll start a war!

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  1. You did a lovely job on this. It's perfect for a girl because of your attention to line, color, even texture. Congratulations on pleasing a demanding client! Ann Marie @ Iris Abbey

  2. Thank you both! My 16 year old daughter is a tough client indeed, lol!


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