Friday, June 6, 2014

Vintage Resurrections® has it's own studio!

So a LOT has happened over the past few months besides getting all the kids through the last parts of school with all their dances, parties, and prom....

My daughter got such a handsome gentleman for a date.

And two daughters never-ending rehearsals and performances
for the Auburn High School production of "Seussical".

Yes... the whole stage was this bold and bright throughout the whole play!

For the past few months I have literally been packing up the house in preparations of moving into a larger house, because I have 4 kids (5 if you count the hubs!), and they are not getting any smaller, and neither is their stuff.  Since I decided that I was not NOT doing furniture painting in my house anymore, we had to find a place for that stuff as well.  So my husband and I are literally running all over town in our spare time between packing to find both a bigger house for the family and a house for my furniture business.

Can you understand WHY I haven't been around much?????

We snagged a huge 5 bedroom house (they are kinda rare around here unless you have half a million to spare), and soon after, my husband found me a studio!  I leased a place just outside Auburn City limits and it's kinda country and all with it facing the railroad tracks and a big back yard that just screams "something has to be done with me!", on it.  It is 1600 square feet of awesomeness that has plenty of room to store, paint, and reupholster in.

My husband and son literally put my things in any spare space they found without any thought to organization.  I would complain, but I could NOT have moved all this stuff without their wonderful brawniness.

I was really happy to locate my sign upon first arriving at the scene that I would have to eventually dig through and reorganize for the next fews weeks months.

"Now WHERE are those post for this thing so I can put it up???"

Since I'm the only one doing the pilfering, it might take a little longer to look like that fantasy picture I've been carrying around.

Here's what I want it to look like in the near future:

Sorry about the crinkled paper.  
I've been carrying this around for awhile in my purse.

Here's what I'm dealing with now:

I do have hope....

AND.... I am also excited that Vintage Resurrections is finally a legally registered trademarked name.  In other words....  I'm a brand, and I get to put that little ® by my business name.  It makes me giddy!

Anyway!  I'll keep plugging away at the decor in between pieces and maybe I'll have in all in place.... when-E-ver.  One can have hope.

So!  Here are a few pieces I've been working on:

A Vintage Nursing Rocker:

Doesn't look to bad so far.

Till I looked under the "hood" and found this mess to deal with.

Ended up rebuilding the seat because a previous owner decided that putting on...

the metal "spider web" up there..... 

with a LOT of 3 inch nails....

was a good idea.

Finally got down to painting and my daughter decided it was her turn to take over
after watching me "wrestle" with the 3 inch nails.

It's also one of the last times I was in that tiny work shed from which I started from.
*sniff sniff*

But she looks better now!!
And for $85.00, you can pick her up at the studio today!

Here's one I finished up for a client, but not before I had several "issues" with the black velvet fabric.  Which was hand painted..... twice.  The fabric reordered and put on...... three times.  

So I started out with one of these many chairs I picked up recently:

And this is the one that my client picked out:

I won't even begin to tell you how much sanding went into this.  
See those little holes up at the top of the chair?  
Yeah, those were fun to sand in....... NOT!

She was primed... twice:

Then painted one coat (with a few touch ups here and there), with Maison Blanche's "Wrought Iron", which I found to be a true velvety black and not that off-black you get with most chalk/clay paints these days.  The fabric was a pain since the first 2 bolts I ordered were not strong enough to withstand the upholstery staples.  Both times the fabric tore when I sat on the chair to test it.  Which means the seat and seat backing had to repainted.... twice.  

"Have you ever painted velvet?"

Velvet is very absorbent and can take up to 9-10 coats before your image becomes strong enough.  Did I mention that it has to be lightly sprayed before each coat (to increase absorption), and it can take up to 4-5 hours between coats to dry.

And I had to do this twice.

But I did it!

And this was the result:

I've started on a yellow in one of these chairs, but it won't have a skull and it definitely won't have velvet on it.

So, I am out of here for the day as I'm back to work on a clients chest of drawers.

If you have a piece you need work done to, you'll find me at 55 Lee Road 59, Bldg. 3, Auburn, AL from 10-4, Tuesday thru Friday.

Hope to see you!

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