Arts and Crafts, and Dandelions!

Hey Folks!  Summer is definitely here and so are a few finished pieces.  These two were done in between a special project we are working at here at Vintage Resurrections.

So let's get to showing them!

The first is a piece brought to me by a client.  It's an Arts and Crafts, 40's style oak dresser.

The curves on her are just perfect, so the LAST thing I wanted to do was covering them up in paint.  I also wanted to expose as much as the wood as possible, while accenting with a little paint here and there.

After pulling her apart, I found that a couple of drawers needed repair.  All the drawer bottoms were covered in age old clear contact paper.  I used denatured alcohol to remove the "stickies", which was the only stuff that would take it off.

One drawer included making a whole new dove tail jointed back for one of it.  

Yeah, I did sweat through that process!

After a good sanding down, a couple of coats of fresh stain, and some minimal painting, she was ready to go back home!  

The brass keyholes remained original, with just a dab of color on their nails.

Hepplewhite hardware replaced the plain wooden knobs.

Oh, I did have to add a little extra at the bottom of the drawers.  
It's kind of my way of breaking up monotony on a piece.

Next up is a piece my daughter and I did together.  She's only 12, but a super learner in the studio these days.  She is up to any task I give her too!

It was actually a set natural wood drawers we had around the house for a long, long time.  Like, we got them "when the twins were 2 years old and their 16 now" kinda long time.  Its' the piece that no wants to get rid of, but yet they keep getting moved here and there cause no one really no one knows what do to with them.

So my daughter and I stole snuck it out of the house during our move and brought it to the studio before anyone ever noticed.  

It is now the time I totally apologize for not having the before picture.  I remember the day because my daughter had started painting on two benches and I was about to take a pic of the drawers, but then my youngest daughter started going on about a picture she was drawing on the other side of the studio, and well..... you know how it went.

So my daughter chose the colors for the drawers and did her thing.  I chose the image to draw on, and did my thing.  Then we went back and forth hand painting the dandelions together!

She decided that stain wasn't needed for this one.  She wanted a "nice, clean look" for it.

I agreed.

Mom was proud!

So what do you think of my daughters first major piece?

Well!  Back to the studio to keep working on something special I'll be showing soon.  I'm kinda of excited about it because it takes V.R. in a new direction, and keeping my art brushes crossed that it's a hit!


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