Finding "Sybil"...

Well, sad to say, it's been awhile since I went picking through thrift stores, antique malls, and estate sales.  It's been one wave short of a shipwreck around here since moving into a new house back in May.

Dear God, I STILL have stuff packed in boxes I haven't unpacked, sorted, and put away.  To say it's been an emotional roller coaster around here is an understatement!

So, I begged four kids in my house to help.

It didn't work.  It's against their "social" code.  Whatever THAT means.

Then we decided we had to get another dog because things weren't already difficult enough around here.  I have cleaned more poo in the backyard than I care to even THINK about.  It was so much simpler when we had cats.


Then, I couldn't work in my studio because the blistering heat that sat on top of us for over two months kept me from even entering for fear it would set off one of my weather sensitive migraines.  I so hate those, and I am paying rent on a studio I can't even use because of it.

And then a family crisis happened, and that went on for weeks.

Then the migraine hit.  Three shots later, I was belting out ELO's "Mr. Blue Sky" for 24 hours, and then crying about how much I loved my kids for the next 24 hours.  Yeah, it's strong stuff and my kids just thought I was too weird for them to hang out with.

Soon after, another family member of mine completely lost her mind in one of those "Jerry Springer Show", kind of moments.  Because of it, I couldn't hit delete-block fast enough on Facebook.  I made one of those resolutions this year about having a drama-free zone, and I'm darn sure I'm gonna keep that resolution all year long.

Then my father died, and that was.  just...   IT!

I had my second round of three shots for another massive migraine that came crashing down on my after my father died!  Repeat the same scenario above, except with a LOT more crying.  At least the kids were far more sympathetic this time around.

Emotionally, I became a recluse for awhile.  I couldn't paint; damn, I couldn't even think anymore. It's called "when just too much crap happens, time to take a va-ca in the closet for awhile".  Found a pair of shoes I thought I had lost in the move though.

I think it lasted a little too long because by the time I "woke" up from it all, the kids had started back to school and it was September.  Remember, this stuff started in May.


Oooo-kay, we're gonna stop unloading the laundry here and get to the part where I finally go picking!

My son has been nagging me about hitting the thrift stores for about three weeks now, so yesterday I took him and the girls out for a little.  We started at 10 and didn't stop until about 4 p.m. on Saturday. It started out as a family outing with my husband in tow, but he soon gave up after about an hour into it and went home.  Jogging is his thing, and there isn't a trail in the antique mall for him to use.

Well, after 2 wooden rice molds, a Audrey Hepburn poster, and a few vintage military items, we were off to a thrift store.

There are moments that you hear angels when you walk through the door of a place.  Yeah, this was one of those moments.  As soon as I walked in, there she stood in all her vintage glory.  My heart stopped.

"Is she for sale?", I asked

"Yes Ma'm.  It sure is.", replied the kindest lady behind the counter.

"How much are you asking for her?", I nervously asked bracing for reality to smack me in the face.

"Uh....... 69.99.", she said.

"Six hundred and ninety nine?", I asked with a sad tone in my voice.

"No Ma'm.  Sixty-nine dollars."

I nearly fell over.

"I'll take her!", I said, nearly falling over the counter as I handed her my card.

I started shaking and literally called out for my son, who by now was clear on the other side of the store.  I cannot believe how slow he is walking towards me as my plan is to get her out of the store and into my van before they realize they charged me WAY too little!  He's just plain annoyed at my ADHD kicking in.

I paid, we flew out the door to the van, and I if it weren't for the fact that my other three children were still in there own throws of picking, I would have gone home right then a very happy woman.

But I stayed..... for them.

So here is my score for the weekend for a mere $72 (tax included), for what I have been coveting for nearly four years now.   A 1940's style caged mannequin dress form with a cast iron base and top.

OH!  A super thanks for one of my followers on Facebook Page, Ms. Brenda.  I asked if anyone knew what to name her, and clever Brenda came up with "Sible."  As she so clearly pointed it out, "It says so on the front".

Can't figure that one out, just look at the word "collapsible", LOL!  

So, her name is officially Sybil!

Thanks Brenda!

You can find Sybil over on my Etsy shop modeling a few items for me too!


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