Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Bringing Back The Booth!

It's been awhile since I've done this, but here we go again.  I've reopened a booth over at Angel's Antiques here in Opelika, AL.  It's one of the more defining and popular stores in our area, and people from ALL around come here for awesome goodies.

As you can see, I just couldn't deal with the ick barf unsightly pegboard walls that seem to decorate every booth in there.  I went for the "gusto" on this one.

I scored a canvas patio frame, sans the canvas cover, for a score of $40.  I painted the top of the frame a nice brick red, but left the poles black.  I'm trying for some French theme here.  Not sure which one though, just yet.

I swear I found every stinking spare piece of 1 x 3's on the side of the road I could and stained to go along with the faux brick paneling Home Depot was so nice to start selling.  I scarfed about 4 panels at $25 a piece and cut them to size.

Topped with a bit of grapevine (note to self:  NEVER use that stuff until it's been soaked in water for awhile!)  Then a few faux flowers, a couple stained crates, and..... DONE!

So, after a few chachkas added here and there, these are the main items I've recently finished up to sell so far......

A Belgian Linen Ottoman

A French Belgian Linen Chair!

And, a French Grey Dresser!

I'm quite happy how everything has turned out so far, even though I've noticed I need more "smalls" that I can't seem to make fast enough between 4 kids; getting 2 of them ready for college, 1 of them ready for homeschooling, and another accustomed to public school again.

So come on!  Come check me out now!

Now, here's a peak into my current project, which is nearly finished.  I'm SO over-the-moon about it!

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