The "French Renaissance Woman"

Ever have one of those moments when you see something and your entire life comes to a halt as you design around it?

But of COURSE you have!

That's been the past 3 weeks on this lady.  I call her the "French Renaissance Woman" because I recently took a little stinking, boiling hot vaca up to Washington D.C., recently and was inspired.

When you visit the Smithsonian American Art Museum and it's vast collection of furniture and art; life radically changes for a while.  I actually hid from the kids for a WHOLE half hour in the French art collection.  If it weren't for my sworn motherly duties, I would have moved in there.


SO!  Since I found this little gem of a picture stuffed in a local thrift store not too long ago, I set out to design a piece around her after returning from my Fabuleux voyage.  Little did I know how stubborn she AND the chest of drawers were going to be.  The drawers were free, and she was only $5, so who was I to complain?


Here's a small list of fun stuff I had to go through:
  • 2 color changes on everything.
  • 9000 coats of clear wax and multiple sandings to get the drawers to work properly.
  • She was glued to cardboard in her frame and refused to budge!
  • Stood on the kitchen table and photographed her as she laid sprawled out on the floor. 
  • Lot's of editing of her on Photoshop to get her squared up and to the size I needed.
  • The printer at Office Depot literally quit and died in the middle of printing her.  Had to wait a week to get her back while they fixed the printer.
  • She literally wouldn't "stick" to the dresser.  I tapped into my inner paper mache' and molding archetypes in order to make her "behave".  After three hours of that; I needed a nap!
  • I "forgot" how to apply dark stain.  It was an "old lady" moment, just leave it at that
  • Crackling that totally didn't work the first time.  So I had to sand and start all over.

Now she's done and she's ready to go home with someone.  Hopefully she won't be as stubborn with them as she was with me.


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