Creative Chaos.....

So here the latest item I’m working on, but still haven’t finished due to the paint being out of stock at the moment.  Leave it to touch ups to totally slow me down.  In the meantime, I built myself a work table to house my router and table saw.  I’ve been using them on the floor of my garage and that hasn’t worked out too well for me since I sent a board splintering all over the place due to lack of support behind the table saw.

It's a wonder I can figure out how to do anything I do these days.

So here's the hauté vintage vanity in black so far:

But soon realized I would have to build this.....

Before I could finish what I needed to on the vanity until the paint arrives.

So the vanity is on hold until I get the router built into the table (table saw is done though), and get the locking caster wheels on.  Did I mention this thing now weighs 1000 tons at this point, and I have to hire a small army to tip it over to get the wheels on???


I can show you pics of the Bunny Hutch I did.... and promised to show you.... but life got in the way again and I didn't.

Me bad

It was an old black china cabinet that I picked up, and soon discovered that the cabinet top was not solid hardwood; it was actually hardwood around a thick layer of old fiberboard. So when I got it, my ex thought it was a GOOD idea to store in the garage..... upside-freaking-down damn it.... and it rained cats, dogs, geese, and dragons one night, and enough water leaked under the garage door to cause the that fiberboard hidden between the hardwood to expand so the cabinet top looked like it was giving birth.... to a dragon that rained down the night before.    

I felt had.  

I had to remove and rebuild it.

I was not happy.

Oh, I didn't mention by ex was my ex..... oopsie!  Well, now you know one of the many reasons he is now!

So here is what I had to deal with:

I rebuilt it so it had "floors"...
Painted it...

Replaced that darn cabinet top.

But we had a Bunny Hutch for Lucy!!

 I channeled my inner Mad Hatter here:

 Hey!  Who doesn't love free Hay!

The framed back was a pain though.  I was going to make it a swinging door, but me and those hinges didn't get along that day, so I embedded permanent metal anchors into the hutch so I could remove and replace screws without damaging the wood.  

Those weren't too easy to put in either, but cooperated far better than the hinges.

If you're wondering about the wood on the cabinet now.... well, it's been waterproofed.  There is actually thick vinyl that was stapled and hot glued (can't be took careful with bunny poo), to the bottom of the hutch, then I used plastic garden seedling bins as well.  Those contain the shavings, and the poo of course, and it makes for easier clean ups.

Ok, looks like I've already received several emails regarding The Artisan Markets, that I have to read. Hopefully it won't be too much longer before I can show you the black vanity I'm working on.

Hopefully before freaking Halloween!

Till then Dahlings!


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