Welcome to Vintage Resurrections®!

I'm Carolyn, owner and creator of Vintage Resurrections®, which has been operating in the Auburn, Alabama area since 2011.

My philosophy is simple:  create a relationship with the piece I'm working and transform it into an artistic expression.  My aim is to keep it real and keep it original.

I was greatly influenced by my grandparents who were both creative in their own ways. My grandmother was accomplished at water colors, crocheting, and sewing by hand.  She made the best tea parties too!  My grandfather was a self-taught carpenter and farmer, and I long for the days of tinkering in is old work shed.

There is great comfort in being covered in paint and wood dust instead of designer clothes and heels these days!  I traded times in the mall for DIY stores, thrift stores, and searching out pieces thrown out on curbs.  In the process, it's inspired my own children to reuse instead of buying always new.

I was drawn in by the beauty, craftsmanship, and quality of yesterday's furniture, compared to the furniture made today that barely sees the five year mark.  Inspired by the 3/50 Project, I decided to also help my own community by buying local and keeping the funds here.  In the process, I have saved many pieces from landfills by reusing them in my home or selling them to others so they may be appreciated for a few more generations to come.

So come on in and take a look around.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or requests.  

Also, A few "fun" facts about me:
  • I use to be a free lance writer over at Tales from the Trenches of Parenting...
  • I totally dig dark chocolate for every calamity in my life….  
  • I'm taking any/all donations so I can go on a Parisian Flea Market vacation, lol…  
  • and I was once on "Love Connection" in 1990.


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